Granite Stitch Hat and Cowl Free Crochet Pattern


It’s time to prepare for the autumn time. I have a wonderful and tasteful set for you on cold days. Crochet the cap and scarf in one set of colors. See how it looks beautiful. It’s a simple and quick pattern to create. Perfect for beginners. The pattern will be made in any size.

Cap and scarf are made in bright colors. Fits this set for any type of beauty. The set is warm and soft. Fits perfectly with any styling. Add pompons to the cap. It looks amazing! Add brown buttons to your whole or choose your favorite color. The pattern is made of an amazing stitch. The whole looks very good! This is free patten.
Caron X Pantone Tree Rings (Bulky Weight #5)
Raven (B) [10 yds]
Frost Gray (C) [10 yds]
Simply Taupe (D) [10 yds]
Moonbeam (E) [10 yds]
Shifting Sand (F) [10 yds]
Caron X Pantone Coconut Cream (Bulky Weight #5)
Color A [100 yards]
L/8.00mm Crochet Hook
2 – 3/4″ Wooden Buttons
Fur Pom Pom
Yarn Needle

Granite Stitch Hat and Cowl Free Crochet Pattern is here.


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